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Hello my Fellow Fuckers! First off, a little housekeeping.. Sorry for the long absence. January and February have been just slightly hellish (actually no, they’ve been pretty fucking rough) with selling my house, packing it up and moving shit to storage not to mention doing the same with the apartment in Texas and moving all it’s fucking contents across country. Anyway, moving on…

I need your help my Fellow Fuckers! I am compiling a list of horrible, hideous, offending, outrageoDouchebagus, humorous and just plain baffling dating site messages. I mean, we’ve all had the “hey, call me” or other lame first attempts at contact. What I want are the ones that make you go “what the fuck!”. So send me your OKC, POF,, (whichever site you use) messages by commenting and let’s out these dicks, douche bags, bitches, assholes, and divas!

Thank you all in advance!

Just a bunch of random fucking shit today.

  1. If nothing seriously fucking negative happens then MS and I will be closing on our house in 2 weeks. That means I gotta have shit packed and ready to move by Ground Hog Day/Superbowl. Fuck me! The garage and basement are enough to give you the willies on a GOOD fucking day. Feeling a panic attack coming on
  2. Thanks for the feedback my Fellow Fuckers! The last few posts have provided me some excellent fucking motivation and inspiration. Keep it up! Now, between packing, dealing with all the fucked up shit in selling a house and trying to find another place to live, I might be able to squeeze in an hour or two of writing (a week?)
  3. Thank you Courtney at The Paris Review.  I’ve been contemplating ditching the Kindle eReader app on my smart phone and tablet since Journalist gave me the soft-copy paperback of The Glass Castle for Christmas. It was such a joy to have a physical book in my hands, smell the paper and ink, turn pages with my fingers and it brought back memories of all the physical books I’ve read in the past. Then I read Thoughts on Thoreau and that did it for me. I’ve also been talking with my friend BlueOwl who owns a book store in my neck of the woods. I’ve been feeling like eReaders and smart apps are killing the small, independent book store like hers. So all that said, no more eBooks for me
  4. Lots of shit happening this year. Last year, 2013, was the “Year of Change” for MS and me. This year’s mantra is “Experiences over things” or “The Year of Experiences”. Keeping with the spirit Thoreau’s Walden, part of that is “simplify, simplify, simplify”. Yeah, this fucking move is far short of simple but the end goal is this: make our lives simple and easy and work towards having more experiences
  5. Write! Write! Write! Did I make myself perfectly, fucking clear?

Thanks for letting me bend your ear my Fellow Fuckers!

Keep the feedback coming (positive AND negative so I can grow)!

There, I said it! Deal with it my Fellow Fuckers!

Just like I’ve embraced who I am as being polyamorous, I am embracing that I write. Do I get paid for it? Fuck no! Is it my career? Yeah, that’s not happening. But, I do love to write, and have, since I was in junior high school. In fact, my English teachers thought I’d be a writer one day. My favorite teacher even signed my yearbook as “To my future author”.
But it’s funny the curveballs life throws at you. In fact, most were thrown at me, close to my head. Other than a few that found their mark, left some nasty bumps and bruises, I’ve ducked and dodged my way to where I am now.
When I finished high school, my goal was to be a band director. Then I met my now ex-wife, Baby Mamma, who had a TRS 80 color computer II. It was still in the box and never opened. I spent the summer teaching myself BASIC and, drum roll please… Here I am today in my IT career.
My role the last few years has involved a lot of writing but it’s all technical writing. I’ve written white papers and content for database courses, written my own content for presentations at user group and community technical events, a few webcasts and, numerous presentations for executives while at my consulting job.
But it’s been in the last few years where I decided to pick back up on other styles of writing. Aside from this blog, I have another that I’ve reserved for mostly book and movie reviews. Additionally, I have several short stories in the works and in various stages of incompleteness. I also have some ideas for a novel. But, does that make me a writer?
MS bought me a book, about being a writer, for Christmas. I’m about 1/3 finished. But, what reading it has taught me is this: “if you write, you are a writer”. That’s another fucking point I’m embracing: I write and I enjoy doing so. Therefore, I am a fucking write!
Am I a good writer? I think so. That doesn’t mean there aren’t better and more prolific writers and authors out there. But I don’t fucking care anymore! I am a fucking writer! Therefore, I am embracing my penmanship, creative spirit, plugging in my keyboard and stocking up on pens, pencils and tablets.
And these are my tools: My laptop, my tablet and my handy-dandy notebook.  


The notebook is really handy as I take down notes whenever an idea comes to me. I try to write as soon as I can, rather than wait for time. I feel my writing is
much better when I’m inspired and ideas are fresh.

When I’m inspired, and in the creative spirit, words fly from my fingertips with ease just like spells from Mickey’s wand in Fantasia.

Copyright Walt Disney Studios. Fantasia 1940

Just like this particular post. I started on it over a week ago. The first page and paragraphs came so easily and naturally. Then I got bogged down with work, moving, packing, and life. It progressed, stopped, started again haltingly like a teen driving their first manual transmission.
I have so many other topics on my mind that I had to finish this. I read the last few paragraphs I’d written and thought them total crap. It was time to revise, delete and chop. This, now, is my final draft. Am I completely happy? No! But, I finished it. It’s sufficient.

I guess I really am a fucking writer. I’m my own worst critic. Enjoy my fellow fuckers! And please, comment and give me some fucking feedback other than a “like”!

In my post on Thursday I wrote about the metamour experience from the night before. In it, I mentioned making my famous veggie quesadillas.

Well my Fellow Fuckers, if you’re interested, this is how I fucking roll!

  • 1 Large poblano pepper (sliced and chopped)
  • 1 Large white onion (chopped)
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2 cups sliced mushrooms
  • 16 oz shredded cheddar, Monterrey jack (or your favorite) cheese
  • 1 to 2 oz butter (or margarine)
  • 1 Package 10″ flour tortillas
  • Salsa (your favorite brand)
  • Sour Cream (optional)
  • Guacamole (optional. But fucking seriously, who doesn’t want this tasty goodness? Stop reading now if you’re a fucking guacamole hater!)

Spray a non-stick skillet with an olive oil spray and heat. Cut the top off the poblano pepper and de-seed and de-vein. Cut into thin strips (I try to stay less than 1/4″ wide and no longer than 2″ long). Add to skillet. While pepper is sautéing, start chopping the onion. Add onion to skillet and continue  sautéing with pepper.

Finely chop or mince the garlic, add to skillet and continue  sautéing. While onions, pepper and garlic is cooking, slice the mushrooms. Add to the skillet with the butter. (I typically cook everything until the onions are a dark brown and caramelized. I personally caramelize the fuck out of the onions!). Remove from heat and set aside.

Depending on your skillet and spatula, the actual quesadilla can be made 2 ways.

Method 1 (smaller skillet and spatula) – Place single tortilla on skillet. spread vegetable mixture on one side of tortilla along with 1 to 2 oz. of shredded cheese. Cook tortilla about 1 minute until it’s soft and pliable. Fold in half. Continue cooking until cheese begins to melt. Flip tortilla and cook on remaining side until cheese is thoroughly melted.

Method 2 (larger skillet, spatula or Panini press/quesadilla grill) – Place single tortilla in skillet or press. Spread vegetable mixture over tortilla along with 1 to 2 oz. of shredded cheese. Top with additional tortilla. For the Panini press/quesadilla grill, close the top and cook one to two minutes until cheese is completely melted. If in a larger skillet, cook on one side for about 1 minute until the cheese begins to melt then flip the entire assembly and cook another minute. (This can create a huge fucking mess! That’s why I prefer method 1 above if you don’t have a press or grill).

Serve with sour cream, guacamole and salsa. For those who are so indulged, don’t forget to wash it down with a margarita!

Enjoy my Fellow Fuckers!


This is the post that WordPress lost….

I think it’s about time companies in the US started to revise and relax (not abandon) their policies around alcohol in the workplace. Would it be too much to swallow (pun intended) for companies to allow their employees to take a nip while at work?
Think about this… Wouldn’t you rather have a happy, slightly buzzed air traffic controller watching aircraft land over a bitter, burned-out, disgruntled one? I’d much rather have a happy employee guiding my plane in over one who really doesn’t give a fuck that AA Flight 393 is coming in too low and slow during a microburst.

What other careers could benefit from a little pick-me up?
Do we really care that our teachers are sober while teaching our spoiled little rugrats grammar, trig and history? If that’s what it takes to get them through their day, more power to them!

The guy that slices your ham at the deli? Maybe he could use something to get him through the monotony of pound after pound after pound of pressed ham and Alpine Lace Swiss cheese. I hear some people already “But what about job safety?” Is it OUR responsibility to ensure that deli-guy doesn’t include a finger tip in our roast beef? Why even the employer’s responsibility? That’s part of relaxing the rules: Hey, you’re on your own. “Each employee has the right to come to work in whatever state makes them happy, but do so at their own risk.” They know the fucking hazards even before getting tipsy. If Harold Ham-slicer chooses to imbibe, nobody fucking made him!

I can see many environments where employees would be much happier if they could partake. Hell, it would even improve productivity and morale to have happy, buzzed employees!

So come on fellow fuckers! Let me hear YOUR input! What jobs do YOU think could benefit from relaxed booze in the workplace policies?

Hello my fellow fuckers! You know who you are: don’t hide or deny it.
Maybe it’s a part of your daily repertoire already, and you’re not afraid to use it when appropriate (and even sometimes when it’s not).

Or are you a closet fucker? Do you hold it in all day, afraid someone will chastise you for your ‘abuse of language’ then let it out behind closed doors once you get home? Do parents and other family members look down their noses at you?

Regardless, it’s time to say “Fuck off”! Some say “let your freak flag fly”. I say “Let your fuck flag fly”!

This isn’t just some random fucking challenge anymore. I’m calling this a fucking MOVEMENT! Spread the word!

And it’s not just about the word (it IS just a word folks, don’t let it have more power than society gives it). But rather, give it your own power. Own the fucking word! Own the fucking act!

Go out and say “Fuck”! Go out and fuck someone! Go out and get fucked! Get fucked up, get fucked over!

But I need your fucking help fellow fuckers.
If you like my blog, thank you.
If you follow my blog… Thanks a fucking million!

Regardless, tell me WHAT you fucking think? Tell me what you fucking LIKE. What you fucking hate! I need some fucking feedback!
Fucking inspire me to do better, inspire me with even more ideas. I’m not a fucking wimp that’s going to crawl into a corner and cry my eyes out, so be honest.

And if you do like this fucking forum, by all means, fucking follow me! Become a fellow fucker!