Poly is…#2

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Relationships/Polyamory
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Another good poly moment last night: MS, HC and I were scheduled to attend a ploy meetup together. Since the meetup location is close to MS’s office, I usually take her to the bus stop, then pick her up after I leave. This is problematic since her office is over 30 miles (an hour of traffic) from my office. In addition, both MS and HC typically get off work anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes before I do. So HC steps up and says “I’ll pick MS up when I get off work and we’ll hang out, shop, or whatever until you get off work and meet us both for dinner”.

And it all worked like a charm. HC pick’s up MS and they run by Micheal’s and Tuesday Morning, before calling me and letting me know they were heading to Panera Bread. I arrived just as they were sitting down with their orders!


So to sum it up… Poly Is…. your girlfriend helping out and hanging out with your wife 🙂

I so love them both!



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