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Hello my Fellow Fuckers! Post #3 is live in the Douche-Bag Chronicles! Check out Mr. Ok!


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So my Fellow Fuckers, I’ve decided this forum here is not the best location for the Douche-bag and Diva Chronicles. Therefore I’m moving then to their own space. As of today, the chronicles can be found on the Wall of Shame at


I will still link to it directly from here. But, this will allow me to post on more public sites and maintain my anonymity here.


P.S. I need more submissions! If you have any dating disasters, dating site fails, please send them to me!

Hello my Fellow Fuckers! Go check out Mr. Bold in the Douche-bag/Diva Chronicles

The Douche-bag and Diva Chronicles are off and running thanks to my friend in TX. Go check out Mr. Wonderful under the Douche-bag and Diva Chronicles my Fellow Fuckers!

Hello my Fellow Fuckers! First off, a little housekeeping.. Sorry for the long absence. January and February have been just slightly hellish (actually no, they’ve been pretty fucking rough) with selling my house, packing it up and moving shit to storage not to mention doing the same with the apartment in Texas and moving all it’s fucking contents across country. Anyway, moving on…

I need your help my Fellow Fuckers! I am compiling a list of horrible, hideous, offending, outrageoDouchebagus, humorous¬†and just plain baffling dating site messages. I mean, we’ve all had the “hey, call me” or other lame first attempts at contact. What I want are the ones that make you go “what the fuck!”. So send me your OKC, POF,, (whichever site you use) messages by commenting¬†and let’s out these dicks, douche bags, bitches, assholes, and divas!

Thank you all in advance!